Funeral Liturgy Planning

Planning for a Funeral

Please know that the parish community of SS. Simon and Jude is with you in your sorrow as you prepare for the funeral of the person you love. When a person dies, a member of the family contacts a local funeral parlor and also calls to make an appointment with a priest at SS. Simon and Jude Parish to prepare for the funeral Mass.
Call: 610-696-3624 to speak with a priest.

Planning Sheet for Funeral Liturgies at SS. Simon and Jude
This Planning Sheet is meant to help you and your family members choose Scripture readings and music that will be meaningful for you and your family at the time of the funeral.
You will find a selection of music accompanying this planning guide. 
The parish music co-ordinator is Ellie Berry and she may be contacted through the parish office: 610-696-3625.

Click here for a copy of the Funeral Planning Sheet

Catholic Funeral Readings:
The link below offers a selection of Scripture Readings. There are usually three readings at a funeral.

1.  The first is taken from the Old Testament. After this Old Testament Reading, the cantor will intone the Responsorial Psalm. Psalm choices are located on the Funeral Music Sheet.
2.  The second Scripture Reading is taken from the New Testament Letters or Book of Revelation. The cantor will then sing the Alleluia verse before the Gospel.
3.  The third reading is taken from the Gospels.

You are welcome to choose persons who have good speaking voices to proclaim the Old Testament reading and also the New Testament reading.
The Gospel is always proclaimed by a priest or a deacon.
Click here for a list of the readings that are used at Catholic funerals. 

For a quick look at the Scripture readings from the Bible, you may
refer to the United States Bishops' Website and click on the Bible.

General Intercessions:
The General Intercessions (also known as the Prayer of the Faithful) are prayed after the homily at a funeral.  Families may write their own intercessions or you may use the sample intercessions provided below. The Intercessions are normally read by a deacon if one is present. A family member or friend may also read them. Be sure to provide a copy of your intercessions to the priest who will be celebrating the Funeral Mass.
   Click here for suggested General Intercessions
A Word Concerning Cremation
This is a viable option for Catholics and there are guidelines posted by the Archdiocese to explain the process for funerals. Please refer to the guidelines below for information.

Archdiocesan guidelines for Cremation

Please do note that all remains are to be buried or enclosed in a mausoleum in order to honor the person who had died. Spreading the remains or sharing them with family members is not the proper way to lay the person to rest.